Monday, August 02, 2004

T minus 4 days and *coughing*

The birthday party, you know, for the smallish's in 4 days ..Saturday.
Ya'll are invited..just BYOF and maybe BYOC too...chair..cup..what can choose. I'm gonna strongly suggest Nimrod get some hay bales for seats... This tiny little birthday party for the smallish boy has turned into som huge ass production which I am not EVEN in the mood for...50 people!! Holy horse shit...there was supposed to be maybe 10 kids..and today...I started with a sore throat....and now there's a fever where my entire body, eyelids included feel like theybe been sunburned from the inside out.

Had a check up on my blood pressure (which is good now..from almost stroke level a few weeks ago) and to have a "female exam" Oh joy! I've been so longing for one of those...not. So feeling like I do...I faked a little spotting...which is not something unusual mostly because I didn't want to shave my legs...It's a good reason I tell ya and settled in to whine about how crappy I feel and how I must must must feel better ASAP because I have this very imortant birthday..."say awwwwwwww" Diagnoses? Sinus infection and ear infection (which was apparently diagnosed when she stuck that ear looker in my ear and I screamed )

So I have antibiotcs..and I'm taking tylenol/advil every 4 hours yet my temperature is still 102

Ok enough of that...

So I'm thinking of all the things I haven't done the cake, because Martha I am the invitees! Important one there I think...tho maybe not because Nimrod is now convinced there will be no cake to feed said invitees...and unless they BYOF they're gonna have to eat it like a dog.'s 5/6 year olds..they may get a kick out of that..and the rest of us...well I have 250 salad that should work out ok...OR we can share the 4 dinner forks. They won't mind eating after me..right?


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