Thursday, July 08, 2004

Stupidus Maximus

Today...I had one of those huge D'OH moments. You know the kind...where you're going along your merry way and discover something you should have figured out AGES ago, but for what ever unknown reason TODAY while driving down the road it just hits a splash of hot coffee on your tshirt.

Yes well.. I love is the most seductively delicious beverage to have ever been created in all the world. Hot, iced, coffee with ice cream, flavored coffee, dark roast, Columbian...coffeecoffeecoffee. But I am a coffee snob...That's secret (one of many) is out. I will not accept coffee that is more than an hour old..and less than that if it's not a full pot...I prefer half and half but will take certain brands of powdered creamer...but not milk....don't ask, because I don't know....2 packets of sweet and low or 3 packets of Splenda. But almost never ever ever from a fast food restaurants or a convenience mart...With that being said...there is one particular BP station close to work that has excellent coffee and the Dunkin' Donuts passes all tests as well....and only ONE Burger King in the world that has had wonderful coffee every time I've ever been there to let the smallish boy play on their playground...but that's it.

On the way to taking the smallish boy to his day camp, I stopped at the approved BK to get a large coffee...4 creamers and 2 packets of S&L...and I'm on my way...remember I never actually get fast food to go cups of I'm all excited about my coffee and rip open the little hole on the lid ready to experience my own little bit of liquid sunshine for the day and am quite disappointed...but it's not 'throw it away' is still, after all...caffine to feed my addiction. The D'OH moment came as I'm trying to figure out how to keep this lid from smacking my nose every time I tried to take a drink. As I'm fiddling around with the lid in the dash cup holder it occurs to me that there's an indentation on the flap...and that flap seems to match quite nicely the hump in the middle of the cup...wonder if I just...snap it back...and VIOLA! Whadoyaknow....that's quite the handy deal. Then I remembered the other rare times when I'd thought I had to rip that little doohickey off the lid and then if I had to put the cup down then it'd splash out all over the dash/windshield/seat/ME....and if I'd just have figured that out all those many years ago...well...that was my D'OH moment for today.


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