Tuesday, July 27, 2004



I'm trying to get organized (shaddup) for the first ever REAL (meaning with school mates invited) birthday party for the smallish boy.

..as I try to assemble all things I may need..get rid of the things that clutter the house and general freaking out before having strangers in my house (it's an issue..leave me alone) I discover....all but 3 of the normal dinner forks...ARE GONE!   Who knows where they maybe might could possibly be...but I know where they aren't...

This will be the invitations....

The honor of your presence has been requested at our residence at Way-far Up-a-hollow Road  to CELEBRATE the 6th annual birthday party of the smallish boy..

*6*!! can you believe it?

There will be games, and prizes and fun to be had by all...but no forks

Please bring your swimming attire...and towels.
I can provide the sun screen...but no forks
We will have hot dogs and various picnic foods available for you to munch and snack around on...there will be cake (Spiderman) and ice cream (chocolate and vanilla) and soda and an assortment of other drinks...but, you know.... no forks.



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